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Basic Services Charges

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Lets face it, in today's economy it is impossible for you to have a full or part time IT staff at your disposal. If you own a business or need government coverage, call us for a service contract. This will give you cheaper service rates and a priority queue. This will give you a peace of mind to know you don't have to wait on a 1-800 number. Send a text, email or call us. In some cases we have made it onsite before an phone line support team answers you. Call for for a free consultation.

  Basic Service Charges

All prices are based on single desktop, laptop, or device. Prices can vary and discounts are available upon a free consultation for businesses and government institutions on a network system. All calls are handled by a field technician specialist. We bring the pc service to your door. Most units that need repair will be picked up and dropped off after service is completed.

Custom Services Call for a free consultation

Hardware Software WEB Systems
Server Setup Web Site Email routing Network Design
Computer Builds Computer Training Domain Name Hosting Security Cameras
Computer setup Training Software Parental Controls Battery Backup
Wireless & Network Installation & Setup Remote Monitoring Data Backup
Misc Peripherals Network Monitoring Web Training Data Recovery

Home or Business Services

Service Name Diagnostic Hardware Repair Software/Virus Repair
Computer Repair $60 per pc $60 per pc $60 per pc
Printer Setup $60 per printer $60 per printer $60
Network Setup $60 $60 $60
Wireless Setup $60 per pc $60 per pc $60 per pc
Service Call $60 per $60 per item $60 per
Software Install $60 per title $60 per item $60 per title

Basic charges do not include parts. If service requires more time that basic rate the technician will advise cost before service time is met. We try to treat each service call as a job rate price, so that you do not have to worry about hidden fees and extra charges. We understand the economy is hitting everyone hard. That's why we like the "put yourself in there shoes" way of doing business. We are the most reasonably priced computer service provider you will find in the Southern Kentucky Area.

Don't load your computer up and drive it some where! Call us we will come pick it up.

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