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  Privacy Policy

Section 1 - Visitor or customer information transmitted through our website

Any information that is transmitted through our site from our customers will only be used for business purposes. We will not intentionally sale nor disclose any transmitted data to our business through our website from our visitors or customers of our web site to any third party organizations for commercial reasons. We value your information and privacy.

Section 2 - Customer info that become property of WCC Technolgies

Any non-personal information that is sent to us or otherwise obtained becomes the property of WCC Technologies once the data is received. Any such material in no way will prevent WCC Technologies to purchase, manufacture, use of ideas, plans, services, or products for any reason that WCC Technologies sees fit. This material could be reproduced, disclosed, or distributed without liability or restriction.  This does not pertain to personal and/or financial info which is covered above in Section 1.


Section 3 - Purchases using credit card or financial information though our website

We use paypal.com for all of our purchases over the internet. We have been a verified business with paypal.com since 2002. If you are concerned about your credit card and personal information doing a transaction with our website, please read there privacy policy here.

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