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Computer Overheating?

Not sure if you need to clean your computer, call us we can quote to clean and tune.


Clogged Heat sink


This computer shut down every time it went to desktop, sometimes before. There are many theories of placement of pc's and method of cleaning. From our field experience we have noticed that computers that are the ground generally tend to pick up more dust. Dust is airborne and all around us, however gravity does its thing and pulls it down the the ground. Computers no matter where they are will get build up of dust, think about it. Computers are mini vacuums. We generally do not like using vacuums near sensitive electronics due to the high static buildup. Best way to clean is twice a year and using clean air to force the dust out. Please wear protection and do this in a well ventilated area, like outside.

Tips for cleaning
  Use clean air (Be careful of shop air supplies, some contain oil and/or water)
  Wear a dust mask and eye protection
  Be sure to get everything (Fans, heat sinks, motherboard, drives, power supplies, etc)


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