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Flash Drive.. oh snap!


This one was caused by an excessive force against the plug. Ok the user dropped the laptop with the flash drive plugged in. You know, there should be a "How many times a minute this happens in the world" statistic on this one.  Flash drives are very handy and usually built rather tough, but they require tender loving care too! If you have a USB flash drive that is not retractable then make sure you keep up with the cap. This protects the contacts of the drive from getting pocket lint trapped inside and various other environmental conditions (static, moisture, etc) that could render one useless. Also flash drives do not like moisture or high heats. So make sure you do take precautions not to drop it in the toilet or leave it in the car during the summer on the dash board. Another good tip if you wear a lanyard (geek necklace) is to make sure you test how low it hangs, specially when washing your hands... yep it is happened. USB Flash drives are very small to easily carry around. Please try not to have unprotected sensitive material stored on them. Also don't use them as your only form of storage. They are small and easy to loose. Face it anyone can pick one up and delete the info and use it for themselves. One most units built today have a usage limit of 10,000 write cycles or 1,500 connections, which ever comes first.

Tips for USB flash drives
  Be extra careful when flash drive is in use with laptop
  Before plugging in drive visually inspect it for foreign materials in plug (pocket link,dust,etc)
  Keep away from moisture and high heats
  Do not let this be your only form of data storage. Keep a backup of what you are transporting


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