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  Safety on the Internet

When ever we need to use or get asked about internet safety we always suggest our friends at CyberPatrol. This is the best product on the market. I have personally use it for my own family. We have a child in high school, middle school, elementary, and daycare. So I know first hand how fast a child can get into trouble. When is comes to internet and computer safety you can never be too safe.

Videos provided by CyberPatrol
Talking to kids about internet safety
Careful where you click
Exposing private information
Protecting kids on social networks

The CyberPatrol Online Safety Video Series is a series of brief family-oriented lessons that provides parents, educators and others with quick and accessible advice on how to protect children from predators, cyber bullies, inappropriate material and other online threats.

The series was produced with and is presented by internationally known Internet Safety and Technology expert and author Linda Criddle, President of LOOKBOTHWAYS, Inc., a corporation that provides consulting to state and national governments, law enforcement agencies and other organizations committed to promoting online safety.

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Award Winning Parental Controls Software

For over a decade, CyberPatrol has helped keep families safe online. As the use of the Internet has expanded, so has the exposure to undesirable web sites and the hidden dangers in chat rooms, e-mails and other Internet based programs and tools. The US Department of Justice reports that in a 12 month period 20 percent of kids surveyed received a sexual approach online.  
Access to the Internet can introduce new dangers and content that can negatively affect your family, school or business, and PC. CyberPatrol is specifically designed to help combat these threats and create a safe online environment. It’s never been more important to make sure families are protected and there’s no better way to do that than with CyberPatrol Parental Controls Software.

CyberPatrol Gives You Complete Control of Online Activity

Whether it’s shielding users from undesirable web sites or managing the amount of time users are online, CyberPatrol’s easy to use control panel gives you complete control of online activity. 

It is easy to use, yet technically sophisticated and fully customizable. CyberPatrol is a perfect solution for novices seeking an out-of-the-box solution with pre-set controls. At the same time it has all the flexibility and capability required by power users looking to customize Internet access for each user. CyberPatrol's powerful Internet filtering and parental controls software makes it easy.  

CyberPatrol has won numerous awards and is recommended regularly by parent and computer magazines. 

     Protect up to 3 PCs with one license

     Protect an unlimited number of users per PC

     Block harmful websites and images

     Restrict chat and instant messaging

     Block downloads of games, music, images and videos

     Limit or prevent access to programs


     Protect against revealing personal information online

     Stop inappropriate language in chat & IM sessions

     Protect against online predators and identity thieves

     Manage time spent online or using programs

     Monitor Internet activity

     Customize filtering for each user


Protects Up to 3 PCs
CyberPatrol Parental Controls 7.7 includes protection for up to 3 computers, assuring that all computers used by a family are being protected.

CyberPatrol Parental Controls Features


Protect Your Entire Family

CyberPatrol is licensed for up to 3 personal computers so that you can protect all the computers in your home for one affordable price. There is no limit to the number of users you can protect on each PC.

Powerful Filtering Technologies

CyberPatrols powerful filtering capabilities help protect against harmful Internet content by blocking unsuitable websites, content and images. 

Flexible Filtering Options
s 'ready-to-go' filtering, or customize for each user. You can fine-tune the filtering by choosing to allow or block specific sites, or sites that contain specific words in their web address. 

Limit Access to Programs
CyberPatrol lets you restrict access to specific programs on your PC, like chat, instant messaging and games; or block access to off-limits programs like home finance packages.  

Restrict Chat & Instant Messaging
Chat and instant messaging programs are a great way to talk to friends or even make new ones, but you need to safeguard against online predators and prevent personal information from being revealed. 

Control Program Downloads
Downloading programs from the Internet is an increasing security nightmare. Stop indiscriminate downloads by locking down your PC to eliminate the worry.


Create a Pre-Approved List of Sites
CyberPatrol lets you r
estrict surfing to a pre-approved
Yes List of sites that you select. Its easy to create, and puts the control in your hands.  

Flexible User Profiles

Manage Internet access for any number of users on a PC. CyberPatrol is easily integrated with existing user names in Windows XP and Vista. 

Monitor Internet Activity
Monitoring and reporting is an important part of taking control of Internet access. CyberPatrol provides detailed reports of each users Internet activity. 

Limit Time Online

Time management ends the frustration of not knowing how long a user has been online, or whether theyve been using specific programs like games. You can easily set limits based on time of day, or length of time. 

Protect Your Personal Information 
Protecting personal information is a critical concern on the Internet. Help safeguard against predators and identity thieves by stopping users from revealing personal information online, and blocking access to malicious websites. 

Free Updates, Upgrades, Support

Your CyberPatrol subscription entitles you to free automatic list updates, product upgrades, and helpful online customer support.


System Requirements
CyberPatrol is designed for Windows-based standalone PCs. It's also used for small networks of server-based PCs, by installing and licensing CyberPatrol on each PC to be filtered.

Microsoft® Operating System: Windows® 98 or above including Vista, Windows® NT 4 Workstation 
Pentium II or higher  
Memory: 64 MB minimum      
Disk space: 30 MB     
Internet Browsers: Microsoft® IE 4.0 SP2 and above, Netscape6.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox 1.0, AOL 8.0    
A valid Internet connection is required.

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