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Business or Home owner there are plans for your computer equipment for regular maintenance and repairs. Protect your assets.

  About us

Serving Warren and surrounding counties in south central Kentucky, we strive the give our customers the best price in the computer technology field. Sure there are several companies out there that offer the same services, but we would like a chance to serve your computing needs.

About our services and products
  We have many services and products that we provide to meet your needs. Check out our service page to see an example of what we provide.

No matter who you are?
  Business or home user, we will give you the service you need at the best price possible. You will notice most of our prices are around $60 for services. We want you to shop around. It will be hard to beat the prices.

Product Lines
  Are you a Do It Yourself kind of person, we offer hard to find parts new and used parts at PCPARTSHOUSE.COM (coming soon) If you do not need our services please give us call for parts or software needs. As an added benefit we offer parts and software as well.

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